Tina Tara is a classically trained musician and singer, who has taken her storied roots from the finest conservatories in Europe and brought them to bear as a writer, producer and performer of contemporary pop music. Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Tina started playing classical piano at age 3, began to sing at 6, and wrote her first song at 14.

Unlike many peers in an otherwise tepid musical landscape, Tina is not limited in her scope. Due to her extensive training and native-born musical intelligence, she effortlessly shifts from genre to genre, influence to influence, deftly navigating multiple formats and genres as influence to her overall body of work, the result being that most elusive and coveted of all accomplishments: she has created and confirmed a definable and readily recognizable musical signature to her work.

She has worked with artists Tony Mortimer (East 17), Dele Ladimeji (Natasha Bedingfield), Phil Edwards (All Saints, Mariah Carey) and recently with Jerry Barnes (Nile Rodgers) and William S Barnes (Beyonce, Roberta Flack u.o), who co-produced her single “Worth It”.

After her studies, Tina moved to London and began to produce her own material, which she performed together with her original 10-piece band. In 2018, Tina met writer/producer Anthony Goldsbrough, with whom she began an ongoing collaboration that lead to Tina’s inaugural US single and accompanying video for her 2020 release “Maybe,” which hit the Billboard Hot 100 & Top 40 charts, peaking at #34; Mediabase Activator peaking at #29; AC Chart, peaking at #23; and New Music Indie Charts, peaking at #3. Currently, her videos are in rotation on every major national playlist. This nothing short of an astonishing accomplishment considering that this was all achieved over a period of 8-10 short months with a tight Indie team, spending a mere fraction of what the major labels spend. Yet there Tina remains, shoulder to shoulder with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Drake, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande and on and on- a veritable Who’s-Who of pop royalty. And her streaming? Up nearly 200% week over week.

To date Tina has performed live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United States. She has the ability to entertain crowds as a soloist playing the piano, but also turn it up and perform with a full band to bring an audience out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

She writes, arranges and produces her music, and conceives, writes, produces, directs and edits her music videos. She has developed her marketing and promotion brand, and burgeoning line of merchandise; and has forged partnerships and affiliations with proven industry professionals, including emerging technologies that integrate with multiple platforms across the entire media landscape.

Combined with her adroit professionalism, a humble demeanor, rooted in daily gratitude, combined with an ethos that always asks, “How can I do better, be better and help more” along with an immutable work ethic, Tina is what music professionals and aficionados everywhere call a ‘Dream Artist’ to work with, know and follow.

Tina’s unique vocal styling, injected into her original compositions, evokes an entirely new age, yet firmly rooted in the traditional great songwriting, production and performance of her influences, from classic R&B/Soul influences like the melodic structures of Curtis Mayfield, the beats of Michael Jackson, the sonic landscapes of Dua Lipa and Sia, to the majesty of Lady Gaga and the cheekiness of Katy Perry. Her contemporary musical vocabulary is second to none and chances are if you name an artist from the 1950’s to the present, Tina has not only heard of them, she can play you one of their songs.